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About MA360

Med Aesthetics 360 is an aesthetics innovation and teaching facility that focuses on the concepts of RESTORATION | MAINTENANCE | PREVENTION while customizing unique treatment plans based on each client’s individual aesthetic need and goals.


We believe great skin is a product of dermal health, achieved by enhancing the body’s own restorative processes through advanced medical device utilization and metabolic optimization.


TransFIRMTM is a medical aesthetic treatment series that redensifies and restores the health and  balance to tissue layers above bone. Bone in theory is also incorporated, as remodeling occurs based on tension and stress. The tissue environment is transformed resulting in improvements in tone, firmness, shape, elasticity, texture,  color and density. Fat is lipolized where appropriate. Resulting biomechanical properties reflect a more juvenile state. 

TransFIRMTM is a custom series and treatment timing combining and layering specific energies and technologies that requires between 1-6 procedures and can be applied on all areas of the face and body where restoration of a more youthful environment is desired. It is applicable to any skin type and healthy adult patients (>18yo).


How & Why

The aesthetics world can be daunting, even to the most seasoned and well-informed consumer. There are numerous state-of-the-art technologies and well-intentioned providers, which makes filtering through the myriad of choices even more difficult. Which combination of procedures and products will provide the most efficacious results, at the highest values, and with the safest approach?  


We take pride in our ability to determine the optimal treatment protocols for an individual’s needs and budget. We are in a unique position within the industry to have access to multiple aesthetic device platforms. In short, there are very few clinics in the world that are able to carry the number of devices and technologies we offer, and even fewer who are dedicated to determining the safest and most effective protocols and synergistic combinations. Our commitment identifying best in class technologies is a driving a reason why physicians and their staff come train with us from all over the world at our Experiential Learning Center (ELC).

Trina Barr, Founder

Trina Barr is a seasoned innovator and recognized expert in medical aesthetics, dedicating the last decade to advancing clinical outcomes and educating the market. Trina is an active clinician, esthetician, certified laser technician, and her hands-on experience combined with a versatile background in medical sciences, engineering, and sales development has provided her opportunities to impact several leading manufacturers - Zeltiq Aesthetics, Syneron Candela, Lumenis, Venus Concept, &  Energist Medical Group.  She is an author of numerous industry-wide adopted protocols, and her work has improved concept and design for multiple technologies. She is an internationally sought after educator imparting a philosophy of patient focused, results based thinking that elevates standard of care. 


Trina is the founder of Med Aesthetics 360 Experiential Learning Center in Boulder, Colorado, where physicians and industry leaders evolve their understanding of technologies through clinical immersion training. The center features low-to-no cost scar revision for the general public, ongoing complementary education seminars in energy medicine topics, and serves as a think tank for all things involving intelligent age management. 

Holly Cocco, Co-Founder

After 20+ years in corporate advertising, Holly saw a wildly under-served need in the niche aesthetics market and her entrepreneurial fire exploded. She set out to start a one woman medical aesthetics revolution with a vision that things not only could be better -- but SHOULD be better. She works everyday to provide only the most effective, sought-after, cutting edge procedures in a fun and non-judgmental environment where unbiased information is provided freely, without scare tactics, or high-pressured upsales, to boldly restore and maintain skin and bodies by banishing the parts of aging that no longer serve and summoning natural beauty and vibrance that is both liberating and empowering.


Holly owns aesthetic clinics along the Colorado front range and is a #1 Merz top ranked injector in the state and top 6 in the nation. Holly is a clinician and certified laser technician trained in radiofrequency, laser, plasma energy, platelet rich plasma, ultrasound, medical physics, microbiology, and medical chemistry.

It is Holly's personal goal to get the word out about what is not only possible, but about what is now aesthetic reality with the right combination of dermal health and science. We have the technology. In the right hands, and with the right dermal health, it is AMAZING. 

Dawn Warkentine, CLT, CPT

Kris Benedict, CLT


Med Aesthetics 360

2995 Baseline Road, Suite 112

Boulder, CO 80303

Please text or call Carol

to schedule a complimentary

consultation, or for general

inquiries at 210-632-9556

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